Why briquetting the wood chips


By using our briquetting presses DINAMIC, wood chips and wastes grinded in carpenter’s workshops can be recycled and transformed into cylindrical briquettes of variable diameter (according to the briquetting press); they are obtained with no addition of alloying elements or chemical additives. Nowadays they are among the most used biomasses.

The 5 important advantages in briquetting:

SPACE SAVING:they allow a remarkable reduction of volumes (1/5-1/10 according to the type of material) if compared with the metal uncompressed chips and waste making the work environments much more organized and efficient.

REDUCTION OF RECYCLING COSTS:they create an independent heating system and they can be sold so as to reduce the production costs and improve the environmental impact of your company.

INCREASE OF WASTE VALUE: they allow the concentration of high-energy stock in a limited volume. During the combustion the briquettes considerably increase the yield thanks to their essential feature of being compacted at very high pressures unlike simple wood chips or wastes. Given their exceptional thermal capacity (average yield of a wood briquette 4000/4500 kgcal. with a 80% higher yield compared to firewood - 2000/2300 kgcal.) they keep the heat longer and the high temperature inside the furnace. Thanks to their physiological features they produce little smoke, have a high density, low humidity percentage, burn more slowly and quite completely with very few residual post combustion products. Boilers are cleaner and they need less maintenance. As the briquette porosity is very low, the embers produced during combustion is thicker than the ones produced in ordinary wood or not-pressed biomass combustion. The peculiar advantages in burning the wooden briquettes are to be found in the technology of our briquette-stoker boilers, where the briquettes arrive integral to the furnace, keep all their features unchanged. The briquettes are completely natural, environmentally friendly and safe as less inflammable than fossil fuels.

Reduction of freight costs:The waste transformation into briquettes improve the stocking handling and logistics so as to reduce the internal and external costs.

Reduction of environmental pollution:The transformation of wood chips and wood waste into briquettes allows better combustion thanks to exceptional heat capacity. Consequently, the output is increased with a lower production of smoke and after burning residue.


During our working experience we have briquetted some of the following materials:
















For our customers We have prepared a modern well-organized show room as test-room to test every kind of material with our experts and to show the wide range of briquetting presses, wood grinders, shredders and boilers.