The reason to buy a Comafer product

The reasons for a concrete success are never casual but the result of never-ending investments, technological development and business strategies.

The quality and technology cannot find any compromise.

The constant relationship with the most qualified suppliers, the mechanical components, the hydraulic and electrical systems are among the best that the market can offer: PARKER hoses (which bear four times the working pressure of the machines), PARKER gaskets, the hydraulic connections, the tightness of the hydraulic cylinders, CASAPPA pumps, VICKERS solenoid valves,  BONFIGLIOLI gearmotors, MOTIVE electric motors, MOELLER electrical components and ROL-OIL oil assure a longer working life to our machines than those of our competitors.

Our ongoing commitment in the research and development is well characterized by the added value of our products together with the guarantee of a safe investment, a modern constructive design, an advanced technology, an  established quality and an unquestioned reliability in the components.

For over 15 years CO.MA.FER. MACCHINE Srl is a member of ACIMALL, the Italian Woodworking Machinery and Tools Manufactures’ Association, that currently represents 215 Italian companies. Acimall has earned the respect of all the national and international bodies that the woodworking machinery industry must deal with. It actively in lobby groups for the establishment of technical and safety standards.  As a national trade association, it is a member of the CFI (Industrial Tradeshow Committee), Confindustria (Italian Manufacturers Association), and UNI (Italian National Standards Association).
Both independently and in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission (ICE), it coordinates the participation of “Made in Italy” actors in the most important trade fairs around the world.

The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certification shows our continuous effort throughout the manufacturing process according to accurate and proven assembly procedures and testing of each component.
Our wide range of machines is characterized by minimum dimensions, low operation costs and reduced maintenance. After the design phase each model is tested for durability and wear by means of over 20 specific controls so as to ensure the highest quality.

The appreciated value of our after-sales service is assured by highly qualified staff and a well-stocked and organized spare parts warehouse.