IL30 Conveyor Belt- CO.MA.FER. Macchine SRL
Metal line loading and unloading belts

IL30 Conveyor Belt

IL30 conveyor belt for unloading briquettes
- coated steel structure with reinforced sheet metal profiles;
- coated steel sliding bed, side panels and hopper;
- front support wheels with casters and holding brake;
- framework closed underneath with unloading of resides from rear;
- steel shutters and flights;
- gearmotor calendered directly on the drive shaft.


A gearmotor controls the operation of the belt for unloading briquettes into appropriate containers

Technical data
Gearbox motor power kW 0.37
Voltage Volt / Hz 400 / 50
Flights H (mm) 30
Belt W (mm) 300
Maximum height of outlet H (mm) 1410
Weight Kg 85

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